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Addressing the Class of 2022

Erev Tov and Congratulations to Everyone! It is so wonderful to all be here together.  It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to celebrate Simchas in person, and we’re so glad that we’re all able to be together tonight.   It is all the more special because this is our first in-person graduation as […]

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Our Parents’ Farewell Address

At our Graduation Breakfasts at each of our branches, we were privileged to hear from two parents — Alisa Daly’95 at our Himel Branch and Ilana Graben at our Viewmount Branch. Both their heartfelt addresses to the Class of 2022 spoke of the impact Bialik has made on their lives and those of their families.  […]

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Reflections by Our 2022 Valedictorians

At Graduation on June 16, 2022, we were very proud to honour seven students — chosen from both branches — as Valedictorians. Congratulations to the three emcees who led us flawlessly through the ceremony — Cameron Goldstein, Max Herczeg and Eidan Kastner — and to the four who addressed the audience in all the languages […]

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Adi Barel Interviewed by Tali Lipkin-Shahak for Galat

Bialk’s Associate Director of Jewish Studies, Adi Barel, was interviewed on the Israeli radio station, Galei Tzahal (known as Galatz), by renowned broadcaster, Tali Lipkin-Shahak. They discussed the way Bialik teaches students about the Holocaust, antisemitism and rising above hate. Below, we are pleased to share a recording of the interview, together with an English […]

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Celebrating Pride Month at Bialik

We all have a lot to be proud of. Whether our accomplishments in life are big or small, we should be proud of ourselves for getting up each day and facing our challenges head on. Many of us take pride in our education, our careers and our successes, but how often do we simply take […]

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Yom HaAtzmaut flag of Israel

Yom HaAtzma’ut 2022

With flag ceremonies, plays, singing and dancing, we all put our hearts and souls into the celebration of Yom Haatzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day and 74th birthday.  At Bialik, Israel is central to everything we do and students from JK to Grade 8 took the day to enjoy all that Israel, our homeland, means to us. […]

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Beyond the Four Questions

Surveys indicate that, for North American Jews, the two most frequently marked Jewish holiday rituals are the lighting of the Chanukah candles and the celebration of a Pesach Seder.   The appeal of the Chanukiah is clear as we create light on the darkest nights of the year. And besides, the only other ritual the holiday […]

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Becoming Digital Mensches at Bialik

Changes in technology are a permanent reality for all of us, like it or not. From my first PalmPilot in 1997 (yeah, I’m that old) to my latest iPhone 13, my career in IT has tracked along with this generational change. Over that same period, I have been amazed to see some head-turning changes in […]

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Speaking With Your Child About the War in Ukraine

As Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine continues to take its devastating toll on the lives of so many people, our parents and caregivers may feel confused about what to share with their children and how to do so in an age-appropriate way. At Bialik, this world issue has been addressed as a humanitarian crisis, with […]

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A Purim Message from Head of School

Dear Bialik Community Members, I want to share some brief thoughts as the festival of Purim begins tonight.   We are all keenly aware of the many very serious issues in our lives right now. On a global level, the pandemic has challenged, confused and depressed us, and the situation in Ukraine is distressing and horrifying, […]

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