Our Jewish Mensches

actions based on values

Menschlechkeit is at the core of Bialik’s mission.

We develop the character of our students through a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of the values that help them become Jewish Mensches  — showing respect for one another,  honesty, cooperation, courage, responsibility, and empathy, being aware of social issues, and learning to love Israel. Our program provides our students with a common vocabulary that helps to define our community as one in which being a Mensch is paramount.


Student Council

Our students are given opportunities to take on leadership roles within the school and motivate other students to get involved. Many Senior Division students participate in our Student Council, which is designed to instill a sense of leadership, responsibility and belonging in our students. Elected students meet every week at lunch to plan a variety of activities, including dress up/spirit days throughout the year.

The Student Council also supports Tzedakah initiatives each year in support of Jewish and secular organizations in the community. Fundraising is done through student-led raffles, staff versus student sporting events, school-wide sales and many other events. Our students are proud of what they accomplish as part of the Student Council, and the entire Bialik family is proud of their leadership and commitment to Bialik.

Social_Action_Squad.png Social Action Squad

Bialik's Social Action Squad is for families with students in Grades 2-8. The goal of the program is to provide engaging hands-on volunteer experiences based on the value of Tikkun Olam for the whole family to support charities throughout the GTA.

The Social Action Squad is run by a parent committee. We collaborate with organizations such as Kayla's Childrens Centre, Ve'ahavta, B’nai Brith Canada and Reena to give back to our community.

Ahavat Yisrael

Students also learn about the concept of Ahavat Yisrael and the interconnectedness of Israel and communities in the Diaspora, different populations in Israel and the value of reaching out to Israelis in need. Bialik provides strong support for the annual UJA Walk for Israel, giving students the opportunity to learn about Jewish pride, unity and the importance of being strong advocates for Israel.

A cultural and spiritual connection with Israel is developed through study of history, literature and music. Our ShinShinim, young Israelis who come to our school for a year of pre-army volunteer work, are very important in bringing Israeli culture to Bialik each year. Our experiential programs result in deep and lasting emotional connections to Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.