Hands-on learning

At Bialik, STEM is the way our students learn — through inquiry, critical thinking, collaboration and authentic problem solving.


STEM, incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, is an interdisciplinary learning approach we use in teaching General and Jewish Studies. We provide students with the space and the right tools to experiment with their own ideas and passions and they become unafraid to learn by trial and error.

Bialik students, at every grade level, work collaboratively on problem-based challenges that demand the integration of knowledge and skills from multiple subjects. STEM projects challenge students to think critically and creatively about complex real-world problems, design and prototype solutions, and refine their approaches as they evaluate the products of their work.

STEM Facilities

We are proud of our STEM facilities at both branches, matching our exceptional programming and providing students with inspirational, multi-functional spaces designed to enhance their learning.

Environmental Sustainability

An integral part of our STEM programming is environmental sustainability. As we look to our students’ futures, we know that the state of the environment and the sustainability of our planet are key issues they will need to address. With our hands-on, problem-based methodologies, our greenhouse, gardens and other facilities, we provide students with excellent opportunities to develop their interest in all aspects of sustainability and become empowered to make a positive impact on the world.

Getting Our Students Involved

Starting as early as SK, our students design and create their own irrigation systems and learn about composting. As they engage in creating compost and planting their own herbs and vegetables, students are encouraged to ask questions about bigger environmental needs and concerns.