Student Support

Supporting Students' needs

Founded in our approach of teaching the whole child, we offer a variety of services to meet our students’ learning, social and emotional needs.

Supporting the whole child means that we address and nurture all aspects of our students' development, including their academic, social, emotional, and physical well-being. Our Bialik teachers are invested in supporting each student in all aspects of their growth. In addition, we have School Social Workers, special education teachers and other professional support staff who are available to meet the needs of our students, including any academic challenges, anxiety or social conflict.

When students come to school happy and healthy, both physically and mentally, they are in a better position to learn.


Resource Support

We are committed to educational accessibility and ensure that our students have the General and Jewish Studies support they require. All resource support is provided by qualified special education teachers.

Early Identification

In Kindergarten, staff explore the variety of developmental stages and learning styles to identify potential learning difficulties as early as possible and to implement remediation as needed.

Intensive English Reading Support

Small-group reading instruction is available to students who need extra time and attention to develop their emerging literacy skills.

Academic Support in General Studies

In all General Studies classes, resource teachers support students who benefit from small-group instruction, learning accommodations and more individualized attention.

Hebrew Language Support

Resource Support (Shiluv)
Shiluv is available to all students in Grades 1-8 as needed:

  • The emphasis in Grades 1-3 is on acquiring and refining foundational Hebrew literacy skills.

  • The focus in Grades 4-8 is on supporting the development of students’ Hebrew language proficiency, particularly in real-life contexts.

In Grades 6-8, a Hebrew language intervention program (Ulpan) is also offered to students needing to bolster their Hebrew foundation, with a particular focus on conversational skills.

English Language Learners

Additional support is available for ELL students (English Language Learners), who are new to Canada and require additional or accommodated English language instruction. 


We have three qualified School Social Workers serving both our branches. They provide a program of pro-social skills and bullying prevention to develop students’ social and emotional skills. Each School Social Worker is also available for individual student support and parental consultation.

Psycho-Educational Assessments

We provide opportunities for psycho-educational assessments should there be concerns about a student's growth and development.