Head of School’s Welcome

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Bialik Hebrew Day School!

From the moment I joined the Bialik administration in 2006, it has been a privilege to serve our wonderful community. 

First as Principal and, from 2017 as Head of School, I have witnessed the incredible growth and development in our facilities as well as in our educational practices and curricula.  And as parents, my wife and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have experienced, firsthand, the proud Jewish values that Bialik has instilled in our own three children, all Bialik graduates.


For over 60 years, Bialik Hebrew Day School has offered an exemplary, non-prescriptive Jewish and General Studies education with a focus on Zionism, Jewish values and Menschlechkeit.  From its early beginnings with 54 students and four staff members, Bialik has grown to educate 1,500 students at its now two branches in midtown Toronto and Vaughan. With the growth in our student numbers and our beautiful facilities at both branches, Bialik is doing its part to nurture our young Jewish Canadian thinkers and future leaders.

I am very fortunate to collaborate with highly innovative and committed educational leaders and faculty and, ultimately, it is our students who benefit from their commitment to providing academic rigour within our warm learning environment. Bialik truly stands out with its hands-on, design-thinking educational approach that incorporates STEM, environmental and sustainability learning. Students come to school each day knowing that they belong to a community built on the foundation of academic excellence, strong Jewish identity and values, and a love of Israel. 

One of the hallmarks of our school is the warm welcome we give to families,  including all generations, to share in the joy of their children’s learning during celebrations, the Chagim (festivals) and on Shabbat. Bialik families have many opportunities throughout the school year to attend events and Family Learning Experiences, and I hope to be able to welcome your family as members of this wonderful community as well.

Please be in touch to take a tour, where you can see our outstanding programs in action.  I invite you to join us on this exciting Bialik journey! 


Benjy Cohen
Head of School