our Four Houses

Beginning in Grade 2, students are placed in one of four social Houses named for prominent universities in Israel.

House activities are led by staff and student leaders and aim to facilitate leadership, school spirit, social integration and teamwork across all grade levels. Students have such a sense of pride and loyalty to their House, reinforcing the sense of family and community so integral to the spirit at Bialik. Houses accumulate points at cheer contests, Tzedakah initiatives, dress-up days, and for active participation in special theme days.

Each House is identified by their two House colours, the official logo of their university, and a motto in both English and Hebrew, derived from Jewish sources.

Bialik Houses

Hebrew University

“Friendship above all” (Ve’ahavta Le’reacha Kamocha)

(Tel Aviv Universities)

“Better together than alone” (Tovim Ha’shneyim Min Ha’echad)

(Technion Universities)

“Be part of your community” (Al Tifrosh Min Hatsibur)

Ben Gurion
(Weizmann Universities)

“In pursuit of justice” (Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof)