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Experience limitless and inspiring possibilities for excellence and achievement
Engage in Jewish learning in a modern environment of religious freedom
Develop a lasting commitment to Jewish values, Peoplehood and the State of Israel
The Jewish Day School for Today’s Generation

Bialik delivers what today’s parents are looking for. An outstanding educational program that allows children to thrive and prepares them for the future. An open and accepting Jewish environment inspiring students to lead vibrant and meaningful Jewish lives.

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Changing the Narrative on Jewish Day Schools

Much has been made about the “crisis” of enrolment at GTA Jewish day schools and I want to acknowledge the concerns in our community about this state of affairs. Yet, while it is true that several schools are closing their campuses, the exaggerated narrative we hear is that the Jewish day school system in Toronto […]

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How to Help Your Kid Develop a Growth Mindset

One evening my parents and I were sitting around my living room watching my 2-year-old son put together a puzzle. After days of working on the same puzzle, he finally finished it and clapped for himself. “He’s brilliant. I knew he would be smart,“ my dad said. Of course his saba thinks his grandson is […]

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Kids Can be Changemakers

In my first year at Bialik, it came to me when I was speaking to a Grade 3 class. A child raised his hand and said to me, “Where are OUR student council representatives, Mrs. Greenberg?” He was clearly thinking that he wanted to have someone he knew representing HIS voice and HIS interests as […]

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