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Experience limitless and inspiring possibilities for excellence and achievement
Engage in Jewish learning in a modern environment of religious freedom
Develop a lasting commitment to Jewish values, Peoplehood and the State of Israel
The Jewish Day School for Today’s Generation

Bialik delivers what today’s parents are looking for. An outstanding educational program that allows children to thrive and prepares them for the future. An open and accepting Jewish environment inspiring students to lead vibrant and meaningful Jewish lives.

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School’s Out for the Summer… How Will My Child Remain Engaged in Learning?

As the end of the school year approaches, a question parents always ask us is how they can keep their child’s mind active over the summer so they do not lose what they’ve learned during the school year. “I don’t want my child to be in front of the TV, on the iPad, on social […]

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What Do You Do When Your Child Says, ‘I’m Bored’?

When a child says, “I’m bored,” many of us immediately feel a moment of dread. We assume that they don’t have enough to do or whatever they are doing isn’t engaging or is too easy or too difficult. Worst of all, we might simply think that we have not fulfilled our role as parents or […]

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Social Action in Action

When I was a child, I remember going grocery shopping with my mom and we would often see homeless people outside asking for money or food. I would turn to my mother and ask her what we could do. As we grocery shopped for our family, she allowed me to pick out foods that I […]

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