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Experience limitless and inspiring possibilities for excellence and achievement
Engage in Jewish learning in a modern environment of religious freedom
Develop a lasting commitment to Jewish values, Peoplehood and the State of Israel
The Jewish Day School for Today’s Generation

Bialik delivers what today’s parents are looking for. An outstanding educational program that allows children to thrive and prepares them for the future. An open and accepting Jewish environment inspiring students to lead vibrant and meaningful Jewish lives.

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Demystifying ADHD: A Guide for Parents

When we hear the term ADHD, it is common to think of a child zipping around the playground like the Road Runner from Looney Tunes or an Alvin and the Chipmunks character, sitting at the back of the class, daydreaming, and “bored.” While these behaviours may capture some children with ADHD, they do not accurately […]

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The Power of Yet

When I was teaching in the Elementary Division, I would work with my students each day to “retrain their brain.” I would get the students to call out thoughts that represent a fixed mindset. They found this easy and I’d hear statements such as “I can’t do it,”  “I’m not good at that,” “I’m not […]

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Chag Urim Same’ach to Our Community

Dear Bialik Community Members, In the nick of time, just as Toronto temperatures drop and light fades early, Chanukah comes along, bringing us its many bright festivities, stories and songs. As you know, Chanukah is often referred to as the “Festival of Lights.” Indeed, as is the case in many religious traditions, the Jewish calendar places […]

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