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Video: Adapting and learning together in COVID
Video: A glimpse of our Primary Division students' active, fun and busy day.
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Recess Matters

Like many of our students, one of my favourite “subjects” at school was — and remains — recess. As a kid, recess was both “me time,” an opportunity to literally and figuratively shake off the morning, and “we time,” a much-needed opportunity to build friendships. Recess was the class where I was the one who […]

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This Tu Bishvat, What Will You Plant?

Tu Bishvat — the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shvat — is a perfect holiday for educators!  It is a one-day festival on the Jewish calendar that can become the focus of an entire unit in the classroom. Tu Bishvat lends itself readily to teaching about how and why we celebrate birthdays, how […]

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Helping Your Child Gain Independence while Learning Remotely

One of my favourite lines about child development comes from Dr. Alex Russell, a psychologist who specializes in supporting families and educators. He says — and I’m paraphrasing slightly — children need a healthy dose of “non-catastrophic, painful failure.” Now, I should note that the last few times I attended a speaking function where he […]

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