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Video: Adapting and learning together in COVID
Video: A glimpse of our Primary Division students' active, fun and busy day.
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The A-B-Cs of Early Literacy

In two classrooms, just a few minutes walk from each other, a JK and a Grade 8 student are putting the beginning and ending touches on their literacy journeys.  In the JK classroom, Rachel is meeting another new friend — Oscar Orange — who is introducing her to the letter sounds that will later translate […]

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The Courage of Heroes

Dear Bialik Community Members, Each year, when our students learn about Chanukah, we focus on the themes of bravery, courage and heroism. Particularly during the pandemic, these themes have great resonance in our modern lives.  It is interesting that students can understand the themes differently as they progress through the grades and grow in maturity. […]

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From Remote to In-Person…Executive Functioning Reboot

A favourite part of my day occurs when students knock on my door and want to give me an update of how they are feeling and what they are up to. The latest chatter was amusing: “I have to wake up so early, just to eat breakfast, get dressed and get here on time.” A […]

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