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Sports and Arts

Extra-curricular Activities

Here at Bialik, academics are important but education of the whole child is paramount. Beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities that help to cultivate the mind and nurture the spirit.


From Grade 3 onward, students can join our school choir. The choir performs in all four of Bialik’s languages at school celebrations and citywide events, and has appeared at Queen’s Park and at community Holocaust commemoration ceremonies. The choir also participates in the Zimriyah – the community school chorale organized by the Centre for Jewish Education.


From grades 4-8, students can develop their artistic abilities, rhythm, poise and teamwork by joining the Bialik dance group. Fun, informal practices take place during the lunchtime recess. Performances include school and community events, such as the annual citywide Rikudiyah, sponsored by the Centre for Jewish Education.

Bible Contest

The Bible Contest is a national program open to students in Grades 5-8. Bialik students devote many hours in preparation for the contests and take great pride in their expansive knowledge of the Bible.

Bialik Sports

Sports have become an integral part of the educational experience for our elementary and senior division students. Bialik has a large number of extramural teams that compete in games, meets and tournaments with other schools. These teams include:

Senior Teams (Grades 6-8)

  • Girls and Boys Basketball
  • Girls and Boys Volleyball
  • Girls and Boys Soccer
  • Co-ed Hockey
  • Boys and Girls Softball
  • Boys Flag Football
  • Girls Floor Hockey
  • Co-ed Cross Country

 Junior Teams

  • Co-ed Baseball
  • Co-ed Basketball
  • Co-ed Soccer
  • Co-ed Hockey
  • Co-ed Cross Country

Bialik also has a strong intramural sports program. Students in Grades 5-8 have the opportunity to participate in intramural house leagues. In the Senior Division, Houses compete against each other and accrue points towards the total for the year.

We take great pride in our sports programs, both extra-curricular and intramural. These programs, combined with our expanded outdoor play areas and our state-of-the-art gym facilities, provide a physical education program that more than meets the needs of our students.