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LIVE – Our Jewish Identity

One of our priorities is instilling our students with a deep sense of Jewish identity aligned with our school’s values. Bialik is one only a few Jewish day schools in North America that has taken an empirical approach to determining success in building Jewish identity. We began by commissioning a research study that probed our students’ attitudes about Jewish life, priorities and choices. On the basis of the study results, we developed the LIVE manifesto, which guides our ideals for Jewish like at Bialik. Our Ahavat Yisrael study is administered annually and allows us to continually refine the ways in Jewish identity is presented at Bialik.

This is how our students LIVE their Jewish identity:

Fluency in Hebrew; familiarity with Yiddish; facility with core Jewish texts
Commitment to Zionism and Israel as our homeland; valuing the interdependence of Israel and the Diaspora
Connecting the values and ethics from our texts and traditions to our modern lives as Canadian Jews
Sense of peoplehood; understanding our place in Jewish history; active involvement in our multi-denominational Jewish community and wider society