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Presenting Our 2020 Valedictorians

It is a time-honoured Graduation tradition to hear from not one, but four Bialik Valedictorians — one for each language taught. We were so moved by their speeches at our Virtual Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony. Despite having had to deliver their addresses to a camera lens instead of an audience of their loving family and friends, our Valedictorians spoke with passion and wisdom befitting their academic honour.

Kol Hakavod to Daniel Fridman, Yiddish Valedictorian, Joshua Stein, French Valedictorian, Sahara Weintraub, Hebrew Valedictorian and Sarit Nagel, English Valedictorian. Please enjoy excerpts of their inspirational words for their Class of 2020:

Az me muz, ken men. If you have to, you can. Bialik has taught us to persevere through challenges, and to never give up, even if something seems overwhelming. Zog nisht keyn mol az du geyst dem letstn veg. From the famous “Partisan Song”, don’t ever say you’re traveling on your last road. I view Bialik as the first road in our educational and life journey.”

-Daniel F., Yiddish Valedictorian. Listen to Daniel’s speech>>

“As we adapted to changes and embraced challenges in the past ten years, we have strengthened our ability to make the best of any situation. Today, we finish a chapter in our lives that has been so hard, yet so amazing. So draining, yet so educational. The impact of Bialik on our lives, if not evident right now to all of us, will reveal itself as we move on.”

-Sarit N., English Valedictorian. Listen to Sarit’s speech>>

“Bialik est aussi une belle communauté. Je me suis fait tellement de bons amis dans cette école et chaque fois que j’entre dans l’établissement, j’ai l’impression de faire partie accueillant. Les enseignants travaille si fort et poussent tous les élèves à donner leur 100%…. Cette famille de Bialik est incroyable et vraiment quelque chose très spécial. “

“Bialik is also a great community. I’ve made so many good friends at this school and whenever I walk into the building I feel like I’m part of a positive welcoming environment. Teachers work so hard and always push me and other students to be our best…. This Bialik family is amazing and truly something special.”

-Joshua S., French Valedictorian. Listen to Joshua’s speech>>

 לא יצרנו את הזכרונות האחרונים שחיכינו להם, כמו הטיול לאוטווה, וטקס הסיום בבית הספר. אבל, הזיכרונות שלנו לא באמת מוגדרים בטיול אחד, או בכובע של טקס הסיום. כשאני חושבת על כל מה שעברנו, אני מבינה מה באמת חשוב לנו, לשכבה של 2020

“We did not create the final memories we waited so eagerly for, such as the trip to Ottawa, and the graduation ceremony at school. But, our memories are not defined by one trip, or a graduation cap. When I think about everything we went through, I understand what really matters to us, to the graduating class of 2020.”

-Sahara W., Hebrew Valedictorian. Listen to Sahara’s speech>>