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Our CommUNITY Gives with Open Hearts

Fundraising at Bialik has faced the challenges of the pandemic and not only adapted, but thrived, thanks to you — our exceptional Bialik CommUNITY.


We are bursting with gratitude after wrapping up our sixth annual Day of Giving. We are overwhelmed that we raised a total of $536,729  gifts from 724 donors. There was such a feeling of camaraderie here at Bialik and across the GTA’s Jewish community as we watched all the schools’ honour rolls growing longer with generous donations. Scores of Bialik parent and alumni volunteers heeded the call to make round-the-clock phone calls to reach our amazing Bialik community, and we are so thankful for their time and commitment to our school. We know that many of you receive emails, texts and phone calls from a myriad of not-for-profits, all worthy causes in need of support, so why Bialik? Why support Jewish education?

For more than 61 years, Bialik has been a leader and innovator in Jewish education. We equip our students with the skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing world while teaching them to be their best Jewish selves. We connect them to their roots and cultivate their Jewish identity, instilling values that will serve them well as future leaders in our community and beyond. These Jewish values are what Bialik is all about. And that’s why it’s never been more important to build on the potential of our school.

Each year, we see demand increasing for what we offer. We keep pushing the envelope in what a truly great Jewish day school for the modern age is and should look like moving forward, and our constant growth reflects that. The opportunity for Bialik to take a great leap forward in these times is incredible. As Toronto’s largest Jewish elementary day school, we have a leadership role to play in advancing Jewish education in the GTA. 

We know that these reasons and more play a part in your decision to give, philanthropically, to our school. You, our Bialik commUNITY, are why we continue to grow and exceed every expectation, and we are so grateful. Your generosity on Day of Giving allowed us to surpass our goals in record time — all thanks to your enthusiasm and passion for Bialik. 

We can’t thank you enough for coming together on this Day of Giving to show your support and love. Each and every gift is very much appreciated and contributes to making Bialik as great as it is. By supporting Bialik and Day of Giving, you are sustaining the wonderful day  schools that have given so much to you, your children, and our community. 

Many, many thanks,

Heather Gutmann, Director of Development and Aily Goodis, Senior Development Officer