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Tuition and Financial Support

At Bialik, tuition fees include all textbooks and class trips. For the 2021-22 school year, Bialik’s tuition is set at $15,400, plus a capital levy of $1,375. Parents receive a charitable tax receipt, ranging from 60% to 80% of the fee, depending on the grade.

Bialik is able to offer our families two tuition support programs:

Generations Trust Scholarship

Starting March 2021, Bialik is participating in a new UJA Federation program — the Generations Trust Scholarship — making Jewish day school more affordable for many families in our community. If you have not qualified in the past for tuition assistance nor considered the possibility of tuition relief, now is the time to explore a Generations Trust Scholarship.

How does the scholarship work? The scholarship sets a household tuition cap linked to one’s household income. This cap represents a family’s maximum total tuition fee for up to three students. It will not change if you have one, two, or three students enrolled.

Who qualifies? Applicants must have one, two, or three children between JK and grade enrolled at the same time in one or more of UJA- funded Jewish day schools.

Want to know if your family qualifies? Use the quick and anonymous scholarship calculator to estimate your eligibility and how much you can expect to pay in day school tuition with a Generations Trust Scholarship.

Find out more about the Generations Trust Scholarship:   Visit the Generations Trust Scholarship website or email your questions to

Our philosophy is that no Jewish child should be denied a Jewish education for financial reasons.


Bialik offers tuition support to any family that qualifies under the guidelines provided by the UJA Federation’s Julia & Henry Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education, including families with students in Junior and Senior Kindergarten. This program is known as JCAP. Prior to the start of each school year, every family that enrols at Bialik will receive a tuition support application form in the registration package, regardless of their financial situation.

A fully confidential committee reviews all tuition support requests and support is based on each family’s financial situation.