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To be successful as adults, and to assume leadership roles in their community, Canadian Jews must be comfortable in both their Canadian and Jewish identities, and possess the knowledge and skills needed to flourish in both Jewish and secular settings. To continue to meet this goal, we at Bialik believe it is incumbent upon us to adapt to the dramatic changes around us. Indeed, as our world becomes more technological, and computers spread into virtually every aspect of our lives, the knowledge and skills individuals need to succeed are constantly evolving. At Bialik, we are working hard to make sure our educational offerings are adapting to this new reality.

Every classroom at Bialik is equipped with a SMARTboard. These electronic whiteboards allow teachers to engage students more fully, bringing the plethora of resources available on the internet directly into the classroom. Teachers work successfully to enhance students’ engagement in learning by integrating each classroom’s SMARTBoard into regular lessons. This new technology has allowed teachers to broaden the way lessons are taught. We are committed to continuing to give our students the latest tools and resources that will enable them to acquire 21st century skills. This includes not only having access to state-of-the-art technology, but also knowing how to use the technology appropriately.

Our 5-year technology plan, which began in September 2012, will actively put technology in the hands and heads of our students. In September 2014, all senior division students will have their own personal laptops for use both in school and at home. Through a program supported by Bialik, parents are able to purchase the laptops along with a full service and replacement program. Additionally, Grade 5 students will have the use of 1 shared laptop cart, and a second shared laptop cart will be available for Grade 4 students. Students in all grades will have access to 3 school-wide iPad carts. As of September 2014, all teachers will have laptops. IT staffing has expanded to meet the needs of the growing technology in the school, and teachers have been provided with hands-on, in-depth training that has empowered them to integrate technology into all aspects of the curriculum.