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Student Support

At Bialik, we are pleased to offer a variety of services to meet our students’ learning, social and emotional needs.

Resource Support

We are committed to educational accessibility and ensure that our students have the General and Jewish Studies support they require. All resource support is provided by qualified special education teachers.

  • Early Identification – In kindergarten classes to explore the variety of developmental stages and learning styles, to identify potential learning difficulties as early as possible and to support remediation as needed.
  • Intensive English Reading Support – Small-group reading instruction with Grade 1 students who need that extra “push” to develop their emerging skills as readers.
  • In-Class Academic Support in General Studies – In all general studies classes (grades 2-8) to support students who benefit from small-group instruction and more individualized attention.
  • Hebrew Language Support/Ulpan – Available to all students in grades 1-5; emphasis in grades 1-2 on acquiring basic language skills; extra support in grades 3-5 in Hebrew language and Bible.
  • Hebrew Ulpan – Intensive Hebrew language support to bolster Senior Division students’ grammar and language skills.
  • In-Class Academic Support in Hebrew – In Senior Division classes for students who need added support in Hebrew literature and Bible.

Second Language Support

Support is available in ESL (English as a second language), French and Yiddish to new students coming into the school.


A qualified social worker at each branch delivers a program of pro-social skills and bullying prevention to develop students’ social and emotional skills. Each social worker is also available for individual and parental consultation.

Psycho-Educational Assessments

We provide opportunities for psycho-educational assessments for students through our School Psychologist.