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Senior Division

Bialik’s Senior Division is a special place where academic excellence, respect for the individual, a strong sense of community, active participation and Menschlechkeit are the cornerstones of our culture.

Bialik sets high academic standards that prepare students to succeed at TanenbaumCHAT and other high schools. Students study a full general studies and Jewish studies curriculum on a rotary timetable, with specialists in the different subject areas. Developing life-long learners who are equipped to meet the demands of the 21st century drives our programming. To meet the needs of our different learners, individual student profiles are addressed through differentiated instruction. We offer resource support in both general and Jewish studies, Yiddish and Hebrew tutorials and ESL support. We participate in the provincial EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) assessments again in Grade 6 on which our students regularly achieve exceptionally high scores. Additionally, Grade 7 and 8 classes take part in the Gauss and Pascall Mathematics contests, and all Senior Division students showcase their creativity and passion through the annual science and art fairs.

Students participate in a rich array of co-curricular programming. Our Mechanech program provides students with a teacher advocate and a values-based curriculum covering topics that relate to Jewish ethics and current issues. Peer helpers support younger students by mentoring them and helping them develop their social skills. During the annual day-long Learn In, eminent professionals in the community share their expertise and experience, and students participate interactively in workshops covering topics of interest from all walks of life. All three grades enjoy out-of-town trips designed to build a cohesive cohort while extending learning beyond the classroom.

All students belong to one of four Houses named after universities in Israel. The Houses meet monthly and a friendly, year-long inter-House competition includes dress-up days, cheer competitions and lunch-time sports leagues. An active Student Council plans exciting events like theme days, staff-student sports games and successful fundraising initiatives. Our yearbook, produced by a team of student writers and editors, chronicles the events that exemplify life in Bialik’s Senior Division. The many competitive athletic teams, school choir and dance group give students additional opportunities to ‘get involved’ and develop their leadership skills.

In Senior Division, the rich and varied curriculum and broad range of opportunities, allow students to form strong friendships and develop learning and leadership skills which provide them with an excellent foundation for life beyond elementary school.