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The Kindergarten (JK and SK) program at Bialik offers children an exciting first formal learning experience. We recognize that each child is a unique individual and our Kindergarten promotes learning and play that is geared towards meeting the needs of each of our children.

Each Kindergarten class is staffed by a certified teacher and a full-time teaching assistant. The Kindergarten curriculum integrates five programmatic areas: language, mathematics, science and technology, personal and social development, and the arts. Curriculum is delivered through multiple modalities and is designed to appeal to many different types of young learners.

Jewish education is an essential part of the Bialik Kindergarten experience. Children learn about Jewish celebrations and traditions through songs, stories, poetry and play. Emerging Hebrew language skills are developed through Chalav U’Dvash. This unique Hebrew immersion program exposes Kindergarten children to basic conversational Hebrew and vocabulary using puppets, games and songs.

Bialik’s commitment to equipping all classrooms with technology for 21st century learning allows children to use interactive computer technology right from the start of their schooling. In addition, the use of Smartboards allows children to learn developmentally appropriate concepts in an innovative way.

Finally, character education is a school-wide initiative that begins in Kindergarten. Character education is reinforced through a variety of learning and play activities that focus on pro-social skills and learning to treat others respectfully.

Bialik Kindergarten children are happily engaged in all aspects of their learning. From curriculum-based programming to educational play, Bialik children are proud of their learning and demonstrate it daily.

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