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Jewish Studies Program

Our Jewish Studies program teaches our students to value their Jewish heritage within a Canadian context. The curriculum of Hebrew language and literature, bible, Jewish history, Mishna, Talmud and prayer is designed to foster a strong Jewish identity and a strong connection to Israel. We teach the customs and traditions of Shabbat and other Jewish festivals and holidays through music, drama, dance, crafts and creative writing.

Hebrew immersion is the central focus of our Jewish Studies program with students achieving fluency by graduation. We introduced the newest edition to our Jewish Studies program – Chalav U’Dvash – in 2009. The Chalav U’Dvash program imparts a basic knowledge of spoken Hebrew to our Kindergarten pupils, laying the groundwork for future Hebrew fluency.

In Grade 3, Yiddish is added as a component of Jewish Studies, giving students insight into European Jewish history and culture. Bialik is one of the few Jewish day schools in North America that teaches Yiddish, and we are committed to continuing this practice. Both Hebrew and Yiddish are studied as living languages, representing vital links between our rich history and our vibrant, modern Jewish culture.