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Video: Adapting and learning together in COVID
Video: A glimpse of our Primary Division students' active, fun and busy day.
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Teaching Students How to Deal with Social Conflicts

As an administrator I have many duties throughout the day, with one of the most vital being helping my students to resolve social conflicts, both big and small. On any given day, conflict could look like Jacob taking Ethan’s Show and Share and not returning it, Samantha kicking the ball too high and hitting Michael […]

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Bridging My Jewish Identity and My Profession

My Jewish identity has always been very important to me. As a child, I remember regularly attending Shabbat services, enjoying my standing seat beside the cantor’s wife. I remember how much I thrived at the Jewish overnight camp I attended every summer, lapping up the songs and teachings. Another innate piece of my identity has […]

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Lights, tradition, connection

Every winter, when we light Chanukah candles, my family has a tradition of singing every Chanukah song that we can remember. This includes all the tunes that our kids sang as kindergarteners in Israel, all the ones I hear annually flowing out from every corner of our Bialik buildings, and any other songs we can […]

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