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Board of Directors

The Bialik Board of Directors is made up of 23 committed and dedicated volunteers who oversee the school’s direction and priorities, upholding Bialik’s core values and vision, as well as ensuring Bialik’s financial integrity. We are parents, community leaders, professionals, and more and we commit our time and energy towards a common goal – the success of each child and family’s experience at Bialik. To find out more about the Board, please email


Rochelle Waxman


Joanna Grossman


Heidi Miller-Dicker


Janis Spinner

Chair of Development Committee

Tina Erlich

Chair of Tuition Support Subcommittee

Renee Fogelman Kraft

Chair of the Governance Committee

Amanda Kushnir

Past President, Chair of Head of School Support and Evaluation Committee

Aviva Lowe

Board Members

Gerry Anklewicz
Michael Betsalel
Sandra Brown
Robert Levine
Stephen Libin
Mark Nightingale
Deanna Peranson
Mary Richmond
Joanna Shore
Joseph Steiner
Leah Zilnik
Julie Zylberlicht
Bethany Baram (PTA Himel)
Amy Weizman (PTA Viewmount)
Elsa Chandler (Honourary Board Member)