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Kids Can be Changemakers

In my first year at Bialik, it came to me when I was speaking to a Grade 3 class. A child raised his hand and said to me, “Where are OUR student council representatives, Mrs. Greenberg?” He was clearly thinking that he wanted to have someone he knew representing HIS voice and HIS interests as […]

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Anxiety in Kids and Student Wellness

On the third day of school this year, while walking a nervous and tearful JK boy into school, I did everything I could to help him feel safe, loved and supported. At the door of his classroom, the boy looked up at me, wiped his last tear away, and said: “Thank you, Gallinger.” Although he […]

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Cheshbon Nefesh: Reflecting on Rosh Hashanah and the Start of the New School Year

Welcome to our new school blog! I am pleased to launch this space where, together with other school leaders and faculty, I look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas about Jewish education, pedagogy, technology, social emotional learning, and much more – and the ways that this translates into educating our Bialik students to become future […]

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