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Board of Directors

The Bialik Board of Directors is made up of 23 committed and dedicated volunteers who oversee the school’s direction and priorities, upholding Bialik’s core values and vision, as well as ensuring Bialik’s financial integrity. We are parents, community leaders, professionals, and more and we commit our time and energy towards a common goal – the success of each child and family’s experience at Bialik. To find out more about the Board, please email

Absent: Elsa Chandler, Jonas Cohen, Mel Finkelstein, Joey Steiner, Paul Orlander and Pearl Mekler


Jodi Tanentzap


Aviva Lowe


Heidi Miller Dicker


Deanna Peranson

Board Members

Michael Betsalel
Sandra Brown
Elsa Chandler
Jonas Cohen
Mel Finkelstein
Janie Goldstein
Avi Glina
Renee Fogelbaum-Kraft
Amanda Kushnir
Marvin Lean
Pearl Mekler
Heidi Miller-Dicker
Barb Nachman
Leslie Orbach
Paul Orlander
Mary Richmond
Janis Spinner
Joey Steiner
Michael Tylman
Rochelle Waxman


Dr. Jodi Tanentzap, President of the Board

Dr. Jodi has been a member of the Bialik Board of Directors since 2009 and is currently serving as the Board President. Dr. Tanentzap is the proud parent of Coby, who graduated from Bialik last year, as well as Rachel and Jonah, who are Bialik students. Over the years, Dr. Tanentzap has served as Vice President of the Board, as a member of the Executive Committee, the Head of School Support and Evaluation Committee, the Education Committee and was Chair of the Development Committee. She played a pivotal role in heading fundraising for the Bialik Himel Branch Capital Campaign, which helped establish Bialik’s second branch on the Joseph & Wolf Jewish Community Campus. Dr. Tanentzap is a family physician and has practiced medicine with the North York Family Health Team since 2001. She is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto.

Dr. Aviva Lowe, Vice President of the Board

Dr. Aviva Lowe is the Vice-President of the Board of Directors and is a Na’amat representative on the Board. She has served on the Board of Directors since 2012. Dr. Lowe is the proud parent of Adina and Daniel, both students at Bialik. Dr. Lowe has served on many Board committees including the Executive Committee, Governance Committee, Finance Committee, Development Committee, and Head of School Support and Evaluation Committee. She is also the Past Chair of the Tuition Support Committee. Further, she has served on Bialik’s ad hoc Security Committee. Dr. Lowe is a pediatrician who, since 2003, has developed two diverse consulting pediatric practices, at the Albany Medical Clinic in Toronto and at Malvern Medical Centre in Scarborough. In addition, she has an expertise in lactation medicine, which she practices at the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic as part of the International Breastfeeding Centre.

Heidi Miller Dicker, Treasurer of the Board

Heidi has been a member of the Bialik Board of Directors since 2012/13 and is currently serving as Board Treasurer and is Chair of the Finance Committee. Prior to joining the Board, Heidi was an active member of the Executive Committee of the PTA. As a Board member, Heidi has served as the Chair of the Board’s special Security Committee, as a member of the Executive Committee, and the Head of School Support and Evaluation Committee. Heidi is a chartered accountant and a chartered business valuator. She specializes in family law litigation matters. Heidi is a proud mom of Ashley, a grade 5 student and Zoe who will become a Bialik graduate this year.

Deanna Peranson, Secretary of the Board

Deanna Peranson has been a member of the Bialik Board of Directors since 1977 and a life member of the Board since 1994. She is the proud parent of two Bialik graduates Mark and Alan. Over the years, Deanna has served as Vice President of the Board, Chairman of the Education Committee, the Public Relations Committee and Communication Committee and as a member of the Executive, Education, Personnel and Admissions and Tuitions Committees. Deanna is also a Bialik classroom volunteer in Grade 2 and 3. Professionally, Deanna is a Psychoeducational Consultant who has worked for the Toronto District School Board and the Jewish Vocational Services in both public schools and Jewish Day Schools. While at JVS, Deanna also served as the Assistant Program Director of the Educational Counselling Services.