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Student Learns ‘Every Child Is Special’

Shiraz & Dylan 

Earlier this year, Bialik 6th graders spent the day with children at Zareinu.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and because of that, I felt apprehensive. My mom explained to me that the children at Zareinu have special needs, but that they are children nonetheless.

Shortly after arriving my friends and I were introduced to Dylan, a three-year-old boy with down syndrome. When I first saw him, I realized I had nothing to be nervous about. Dylan was absolutely one of the cutest little boys I had ever met. We ate, played, and went to the matzah factory together.

Dylan does have a special need, however, it is not apparent. He reads, plays and eats like any other three year old I have met. He is independent, playful and very curious. During play time, he took much care and pride in stacking blocks and I could tell how happy he was of his achievement. Even though his building fell a couple of times, he didn’t get frustrated and he persevered.

Dylan is bright and  articulate and when we couldn’t understand him, he repeated what he said to make himself clear. Dylan was so happy to have made so many friends and memories that day, and so was I.

After reflecting about my unique experience, I realized how lucky I was to meet Dylan, and what an incredible little boy he is. I knew I needed to see him again because of the impact he left on me. Dylan has made me realize that every child is special in his/her own way, and that what some people may perceive as a fault, is in fact a virtue!

Shiraz Meisels is a Grade 6 Bialik Student