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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to belong to Na’amat in order to register my child at Bialik?

It is not necessary to belong to Na’amat in order to register your child at Bialik. However, Bialik, along with Na’amat is a member of the Labour Zionist Movement. As such, we give some priority to children whose parents are members of the movement.

Do I have to register my child at birth in order to ensure a spot at Bialik?

If Bialik is your school of choice, it is a good idea to register early in order to ensure a spot. The date of registration is the most important factor in student acceptance, however it is certainly not necessary to register as soon as your child is born.

Is it true that Bialik is a school for wealthy families?

Our population is made up of families from a broad spectrum of the Jewish population of the Greater Toronto Area. We offer generous tuition support to families that qualify; in fact, we provide support to students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.

If I have filed an application for my child and I then have another child, when do I need to send in the second application?

If your first child is accepted, your second child becomes a “sibling” and is given priority status. You may register additional children before your first child is accepted; however, if your first child is not accepted and you withdraw all your applications, the administrative fee of $200.00 per application will be forfeited.

If I do not yet have my child’s birth certificate, can I still apply to Bialik?

Yes. Your application will be processed as soon as we receive it, along with the deposit. You can send the birth certificate at a later date.

Can I pay my child’s tuition in monthly installments?

Yes. You can pay by automatic withdrawal from your bank account (10 monthly payments) or give us postdated cheques. The first payment is due in July and the final payment in April.